Friday, 6 April 2018


In this post this short post I will be sharing with you how to unlock ZTE generic phone F286/A261.

If you have been looking for this for long you are now at the final bus stop, just relax and follow the instruction.

I am equally sorry for the info you that the unlocking tutorial will be requiring a flash box ( NCK Pro BOX).
However, the good news is that I will remote unlock it for you if you follow my instructions.

Unlock Network on ZTE F286/A261 Using NCK BOX

Procedure for unlocking F286/A261

  • Connect the NCK BOX to your PC
  • Launch NCK main exe
  • Code calculator, now select brand ZTE Generic
  • Select model A261 ( work for both A261and F286 phone)
  • Input your IMEI of the phone (either at the Back or dial *#06#)
  • Click on calculate and wait.
  • Now, Remove SIM card if any on the phone and power on
  • Dial *983*8284#
  • The phone asks to input password ( is asking for the NCK or network unlock code. now input the code generate by the Nck box
  • It will not show, you will only see******* but don't worry just continue to put the code
  • After putting the code, press enter and the phone will off or reboot. if not reboot switch on the phone and your ZTE f286/a261 is unlock

Now, comes the good news for those that don't have access to NCK BOX.
This is the procedure
  1. Go to the comment and write your ZTE model and IMEI
  2. Open your WhatsApp and text of the model and imei
  3. I will send You the unlock code
  4. After you have successfully unlocked, go to comment and give thanks
Exe Version: NCKdongle v18.0
IMEI checksum seems ok
Brand: ZTE generic
Model: A261
IMEI: 860$$$$$$$$$
NCK: 626996460260
SPCK: 789944580941
With Unaccepted sim input code.
Press help for details.

My WhatsApp line +2348169730504

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