Sunday, 8 April 2018

How to Hardrest Lg F200L easy Way work 100%

Hi everyone, on this post, I will be showing how to Hard rest Lg F200L the easy way.

A few weeks ago  I was searching through google to see if I could get the hard reset combination but the resource was very limited so I finally get a way around it.

Therefore, without wasting much of your time let get started

The requirement for Hard reset F200L

  1. Serviced button combination
  2. adb and fastboot setup
Procedure for Hard reset F200L
  • Service button combination
You will need to access the download mode or service mode on the Lg F200L.
To access the service mode combines the following key Vol + and Vol - Home Key, now insert the USB cable.

  • Adb and fastboot setup
You have to have adb setup on your computer or user and adb you know of. You will need to input the following command in the adb shell.

  1. adb
  2. adb devices ( you will see the device connect in recovery)
  3. adb reboot recovery ( now wait the phone will reboot and start wiping when done the phone will reboot)
You have success Hard reset Lg F200L. if you are confused Whatsapp +2348169730504

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