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How to Bypass Frp on Tecno K8 10000000% working

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How to Bypass Frp on Tecno K8 10000000% working

To my fans there is good news and bad news.
let me start with the good news or what do you think.
The good news is that, You will be able bypass Tecno K8 frp if you follow the instruction carefully.
Now, the bad news is that it will require a flash Box (NCK box or Dongle, CM2, Miracle). However, if you know how to you the crack of any of this very well you can still get a way around it.

Tecno K8 FRP bypass 100000%

You will need the following 
  1. A flash box or dongle or crack of any of the box mention earlier 
  2. You will need DA file for Tecno K8 download HERE

Procedure for bypassing Tecno K8 frp

  • Open your box of dongle (MTK)
  • change the DA file with the one you downloaded
  • Now, select the option for reset FRP
  • Click on start 
  • Boooom Done.
An example with NCK 
  • Open NCK box
  • select custom Da loader
  • Select the DA file that you downloaded
  • Select the Tab for Frp-pattan-privacy and click on reset FRP

1. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back
2. Insert USB cable. In some cases require hold BootKey

Wait for phone...
Phone found! [ 29 ]
Inital Boot Ok!
BB_CPU_PID : 6735
BB_CPU_NME : [MediaTek] MT6735_S00
BB_CPU_EXT : 0xCA00 , 0x8A00 , 0x0000
Processing BROM stage
Settings for BROM configured!
SecCfgVal : 0x05000000
BromVer : 0x00FF
BLVersion : 0x0001
PreLoader : Active [ Boot with PL ]
BootLdrSS : LOCKED with CERT
Processing DA stage
DA Select done, will use MTK_AllInOne_DA_v3.3001.2017/12/28.11:39_396299
Sending and initialize DA ...
Running DA ver.4.2 on BBID : 0x9B
eMMC Flash : 460001154D3236459ADB03422BA28BF2
Initialize Memory ...
DRAM already initialized by Preloader
DAgent sent , init HW now
eMMC FlashIC initialized
[eMMC] : FLASH_VEN : 0x15 , OEM : 0100
[eMMC] : FLASH_CID : 150100464536324D4203DB9AF28BA42B
[eMMC] : FLASH_BRT : 0x00400000 , 0x00400000 , 0x00400000
[eMMC] : FLASH_LEN : 0x00000003A3E00000
[eMMC] : FLASH_UCP : 14910 MiB [eMMC 16 GiB]
DEV RID : 0xD3C74E4CA35160FBCB2C058EC310D1BE
INT RAM : 0x00020000
EXT RAM : 0x40000000 [1 GiB]
Boot Ok!

Clear FRP ( Google Reset Protection )
Clear Ok!

Elapsed: 00:00:16
Reconnect Power/Cable!
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