Thursday, 29 March 2018

How To Enter Download Mode for Lg MS323 works 100%

Hi everyone, in this post, I will be showing you how to access or enter download mode on Lg MS323.
Lg mobile provides both classic mobile phone and Android devices of vast variety and each of this category of the device tends to have software problem ranging from virus problem to boot loop (phone hacking on logo) to not powering.

To fixed Lg phone especially the Android devices that have to do with reloading firmware ( software), you will access the download mode of the device before you can reload the firmware.

The different device of the different brand has a different method of accessing download mode e.g Samsung ( volume down + power or volume down + home + power)

Xperia ( volume down + connect the USB cable (fast boot).

Now, for Lg Android device you will need the following combination (press up + down the volume and connect the USB cable.

However, for Lg MS323 the case is different. For you to access the download mode for Lg MS323 metro Pc you need the following combination
  1. Keep press the Vol-UP 3-5 hit
  2. Now, Insert Cable Don't Lose Pressing The Vol-up
  3. This should work 100% if not try it again till you get it right.

Please feel free to comment if the method is working or otherwise. Thank for reading. You can also like our facebook page so as to continue to serve you better

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