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Htc Desire V T328w Custom Rom Download and Flash

In this post i will be sharing with you the custom rom for HTC DESIRE V T328w, How to S-OFF HTC Desire, How to flash CWM Recovery, How to flash the custom rom using SD Card, How to flash custom rom using slideload.


This is an easy-to-follow and complete guide on how to achieve S-OFF on HTC Desire V (T328w, Wind) using the Rumrunner tool (primary for HTC One, adapted for us)

Warning :

Rumrunner copyright notice: As per the license terms on the official Rumrunner site: Runrunner mirror links of Rumrunner software are not allowed. Using Rumrunner packages hosted on other sites or from other members is risky/outdated and official support is not applicable if you cannot S-OFF or end up bricking your device. You should always download the latest Rumrunner version from the official site:

  • Your HTC Desire V must be unlocked & rooted. If it's not rooted, the bootloader must first be unlocked. checkout how to "Unlocking bootloader" section in this guide:
  • Go to Settings > Developer options > check USB debugging. (If you cannot see Developer options, go to Settings > About > Software information > More > tap on Build number 7 times until you get a pop-up message saying: You are now a developer!)
  • Go to Settings > Power > uncheck Fast boot.
  • Uninstall HTC Sync if you have it, as well as all other phone software.
  • Disable all your internet security software (antivirus, antispyware such as Windows Defender, etc) and disable the firewall (you need unrestricted internet access otherwise Rumrunner will fail).
  • Disable Screen lock security on your HTC Desire V. (Go to Settings > Security > Screen lock > select None) (no passcode lock/no pattern lock/no face lock)
  • A working internet connection on the device.
  • Required a stock ROM but also been successfully tested on Baidu 5.1 & Baidu ROM43
  • Install HTC drivers: here

Hint: If you previously had HTC Sync installed, you should have the drivers already. You can uninstall HTC Sync separately, without removing the drivers.

  • You need adb and fastboot: here/mirror
  • Use your HTC USB cable to connect the device to a USB 2.0 port on your PC. (Do not connect through USB hubs or USB 3.0 ports)
  • Connect to FASTBOOT USB mode and test if your phone is accessible via adb fastboot. (Hold the power button down until the phone powers off. Press Volume Down and Power buttons to start the device in Bootloader mode.
  • Use the Volume buttons to select up or down. Highlight Fastboot and press the Power button. Connect the device via the original HTC USB cable to a USB 2.0  in your PC.
  • Now open your fastboot folder ( google how to use the fastboot if you are new)

CD C:\Android   fastboot devices

  • This will display your HTC Desire V 's serial number, indicating that you have successfully established USB connection. Here's my log from the Command Prompt window:

C:fastboot devices  HT273P******

  • If you see nothing after entering the fastboot devices command, then there is a problem with the USB connection - you may have a faulty USB cable and/or you need to install the correct HTC USB drivers depending on your OS).

  •  Charge your HTC Desire V to 100%. Some users have reported that if the battery level is below 50%, the S-OFF procedure will sometimes fail.

Download the rumrunner_proto_0.7.1 version of Rumrunner according to your OS:

Hint: Yes, it`s for HTC Desire X, but the method is the same.

  • Connect your HTC Desire V using the HTC USB cable via a USB 2.0 port and boot up the phone. Leave it on its home screen. Close any open Command Prompt windows. Unzip the Rumrunner file on your hard drive C:\. Make sure that you have administrator rights on the computer. Double-click on soju.exe to start the S-OFF operation (or right-click on soju.exe to run as Administrator).

a) Agree to the terms and conditions you are prompted within soju (Yes)
.b) Allow the exploit to do its work (Yes).
Your device will reboot 4-6 times throughout the process.
Do not touch device! Wait until the console appears "Press ENTER to exit". Disconnect your HTC Desire V
c) Reboot device in the bootloader & check S-OFF

How to write superCID for HTC Desire V

1. Get SuperCID 11111111 via adb (this will remove the region lock on your phone)
CD C:\Android
C:\Android>adb reboot bootloader
C:\Android>fastboot oem writecid 11111111

How to flash CWM Recovery

  • Download Minimal ADB & Fastboot from this link; also download HTC Sync Manager to get the drivers on your computer from this link.
  • Download custom recovery for your HTC Desire V  from this link. Save the .img file in the same directory as the Minimal ADB.
Here are the steps to root HTC Desire V T328w :
  • Open folder where you installed Minimal ADB > on your keyboard, hold Shift and right-click on an empty space in the window > click on Open Command Prompt here. Type the following commands:
    • adb devices
      adb reboot bootloader
      fastboot devices
      fastboot flash recovery CWM.img (CWM.img represents recovery file’s name, whatever that be)
You have successfully flash cwm recovery.


  • unlocked bootloader
  • custom recovery

1.Download the ROM any of this: link for zip
2.Boot directly into CwM Recovery
3.Wipe data/factory reset
4.Go to advanced -->> Wipe Dalvik Cache
5.Install zip from sdcard -->> choose zip from sdcard

USING sideload

  • Go to Install zip from sd
  • This time select sideload
  • Now connect your phone to your pc and in fasboot mode
  • Open your mini fastboot folder and run the commad line below
  • Ensure the ROM is in this folder with the fastboot file.
Note: adb sideload (rom name).zip as given below

adb sideload
adb sideload <filename.Zip>

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