Friday, 8 December 2017

NVIDIA Announces “NVIDIA Titan V" Video Card

NVIDIA has made another mile breaking Graphic card "TITAN V" on TITAN series. NVIDIA stated the “TITAN” series years ago to represent “the best” of everything the company brings to the PC platform.

NIVIDIA has always one of the best when it comes to PC Graphic, However, If you want the best and can afford it, NVIDIA suggests TITAN.

Graphic card are always very important on PC especially when it comes to PC "GAMES"  In the past TITAN X was specific targeted for gamers. Today, NVIDIA has shifted at the 2017 annual NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems) conference in Long Beach, CA, with the introduction of its new “TITAN V” PC GPU.

In this sense the Titan V is a return to form of sorts to the professional side of prosumer for the Titan family. One of the original claims to fame for the original Titan was its high performance in specialized FP64 compute workloads, something that was lost on the later Titan X and Titan Xp.  By switching to NVIDIA’s specialized high-end compute GPUs, the Titan V regains its formerly lost compute capabilities, all the while also gaining all of the compute capabilities NVIDIA has introduced since then. It’s no mistake that Jen-Hsun introduced the card at a neural networking conference, as this is a big chunk of the professional computing audience that NVIDIA is targeting with the card.

The Titan V also sports the same new Tensor Cores that are in Tesla GPUs which are geared specifically towards deep learning purposes. NVIDIA also says the Volta architecture is more efficient at HPC, thanks to its independent parallel integer and floating-point data paths.

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