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Top 13 reason Why your Facebook Account May get Banned

have you heard of facebook banned or you have been a victim before? I have many clients who come to my shop complaining facebook account banned. Facebook doesn't just ban account of its users without any reason except in some rear case.

There are several reasons why Facebook may disable your account which is regardless of how long you have been using the platform, There is no immunity for anyone on facebook when you violate the term and condition.
In this post, I will be listing 13 possible reasons why your Facebook account may be suspended.

1. Using a fake name

This is the number one reason most facebook accounts get suspended. Facebook platform is made for connecting people so what do you expect when you use the name of an object as a name?. Therefore, always ensure you use your real name on facebook and even if you must use a fake name, let it be a normal name.

2. Posting on walls in rapid succession

Your account may also receive a banned when you’re posting too many stuff or links on friends’ wall and groups in a rapid succession. Facebook might have a feeling you’re a bot and kick you out Automatic. Therefore, always be careful.

3. You’re sending too many friend requests

You may have not thought of sending friend request may lead to a ban. However, Sending too many requests or sending friend requests to people you don’t know might get you into trouble. Facebook has a limit to the number of requests you can send daily and you should get a warning when you reach this limit.

The most important factor that leads to suspension of account regarding sending a friend request is sending a request to people you don't know especially ladies. So to avoid banned check the profile of the person you are sending a friend request to before proceeding.

4. Posting offensive updates and pictures

Posting offensive updates, picture and video may cause your account to be a suspension. What do you think when people start posting porn or racial stuff on Facebook?.You’re supposed to behave yourself in a public place like facebook, right? Posting offensive stuff isn’t right, you don’t need to be told.
5. Posting duplicated texts in too many messages
This is spamming and you can get banned by facebook bots if you do this. I hate spammers, so does Facebook.

6. Your account is a potential risk to other Facebook users

You should be very careful with facebook app that you install because of a few months back, there was a problem with facebook with pornographic pictures all over the place. It was caused by a virus and I read that facebook “isolated” accounts affected by the virus. The possible cause of this virus may from a particular app install by facebook user.

7. You’re liking too many fan pages

There’s a limit to how much pages you can like daily and ignoring the warning and pass this limit might get your account in trouble.

8. Suspicious payment information

Paying for facebook advertisement or game credit with a credit card carrying a name different from your facebook name may get your account disabled. Be careful on which card you use when advertising with facebook because this is no longer new that people now buy real strolling credit card online and the only way they can use it is to buy stuff online.

9. Having more than one account

Lots of people have two or more Facebook accounts and Facebook may decide anytime to delete duplicate accounts. It does happen, so be careful.

10. Facebook profiles are only for humans!

When you create a Facebook profile for a dog, a cat, an organization or anything other than a normal human being, don’t expect the Facebook team to overlook that.

11. Using a fake date of birth

Facebook is really serious about any issue regarding the authenticity of it users. Never use an unbelievable date of birth like 1910 on facebook because this is just one of the little reasons your account might be banned

12. Posting copyrighted materials

Yes! copyright materials are not allowed on Facebook. So be very careful on the material you share.

13. Getting reported by rather too many people

If many people are reporting your content (post) on their wall, You will possibly get banned because Facebook may see you as an irresponsible user. That why on every post you make there is always an option to report your account to Facebook.

Note: If your account is disabled, there’s absolutely no trick to get you your account back. All you can do is to appeal and hope you get it back. It’s doubtful though, so it’s better to prevent it. Also, you shouldn’t rely on Facebook alone for social marketing as it’s gonna be disastrous when Facebook finally decides to delete your account. As the saying goes "don't put all your eggs in one basket". Try to leverage other social media platforms like Twitter and Google Plus.
If you have other reason accounts will get possible banned share it with us in the comment below. Thanks

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