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10 Incredible Feature You Can Only Find in Infinix Mobile Phones

I know many of you that just visit the blog to read this article will be wondering what are this incredible features that Infinix smartphone has that they are not aware of. Yes Infinix mobile has come along way and they have incorporated some fantastic feature in the UI which you can hardly feature in any MediaTek chip phone (Tecno, Gionee, and Itel.)

In today post I will be sharing with you top 9 incredible feature you can find in Infinix Mobile Smartphone.
Infinix was founded in 2013 and committed to building cutting-edge technology, fashionably designed dynamic mobile devices to create globally-focused intelligent life experiences through a merging of fashion + technology.

Infinix has gone through some dramatic changes from the launch in 2013 with SURF and ALPHA Series later breakthrough with Infinix ZERO and HOT NOTE in 2015 and by the end of 2016 Infinix introduce the fashionable Millennial-focused S series.

Now, let me start to list the feature that is very peculiar to Infinix Smartphone and are not incorporated into other MediaTek chip ( Gionee, Itel, And Tecno)


A single tap will open a world of unlimited beauty. Colorful themes and stunning wallpaper are among the wide variety of choices for personalizing your device to fit your mood of the environment.

Yes. Most of the MediaTek Smartphone like Tecno and Gionee has Theme but base on experience no of this company has fashionable and incredible features like the Infinix combining fashion and technology.
I have personally use the Gionee theme, Tecno and Itel but Non of this theme can be compared with those Infinix XTHEME.

Magazine Lockscreen

Another beautiful feature of Infinix is the introduction of Magazine Lockscreen whenever the Phone lock and you light it up. However, Gionee was the first to introduce the concept in there Gionee P5W Android 5.1 series.

The concept was later incorporated into Infinix smartphone. The feature in the Magazine Lock screen includes Beautiful wallpapers, mottoes and sentences, every time you light up the screen, you can enjoy the sight and enrich the soul feeling.


Magic Movie allows you to Tell your story with personality and style with a variety of filters, fast-shooting lens, and real-time special effects. Quick sharing functions allow your Magic Movies to be easily passed along to friends and fans alike.

Yes. Other MediaTek phone has this feature but I beat you, non-other has the same quality and colour filter like the Infinix Magic Movie. Just have a try of the feature on your Infinix smartphone.


Have you hard of OIS feature in modern Smartphone?. This is one of the features that allow me to fall in love with Iinfinix camera shoot.

OIS helps to prevent handshake and low light blurring that often ruin the perfect shot.4X Sharper Zoom brings you closer to your subject so you can capture an important moment with surprising clarity and detail, even when standing at a distance.PRO Mode enables calibration for parameters such as Metering, Shutter Time, ISO, EV, White Balance, and Focal Length Adjustment.

Multi Window

Multi Window feature is no longer a new feature in a smartphone this day because the feature is now used on any new widescreen devices. However, one thing that makes me love the multi-window feature in the Infinix mobile is the way it arranges the window and the drag application window in the multitask bar.

With Multi-window (one screen of dual-use).One can Drag the application window in multitask bar to the top of the screen, then select another app to realize operating at the same time without interruption.


Xshare works the same way as the Xander or Flashare. However, Infinix has introduced its own unique wireless share app which allows user to Share file with ease at speeds 200 times faster than traditional Bluetooth! You can Scan a QR code to quickly create a network with your friends to send and receive files without consuming valuable data.


Fingerprint security is not new with Modem smartphone but the sensor may vary for a different brand. Infinix has the latest in fingerprint identification technology securely which allow the user to unlocks and activates screen, apps and hidden content. You can use Fingerprint management to add functionality to the camera, calls, and your photo library.

Experience enhanced protection and unmatched control, all at your fingertips with Infinix Fingerprint security.


Have you had a freezer feature in Infinix smartphone?. Freezer allows your mobile device to run with optimal efficiency by storing away unused apps without using additional memory. Tuck away and retrieve apps as needed to keep your device fresh and ready to go any moment.

As you all know that every application on your device consumes some % of the memory either in use or not. with the freezer feature, you can freeze app that is not needed at the moment or those apps that you hardly use, so as to enable the phone to work efficiently without any hustle.


XHide is not a new feature as many third-party app have a similer feature in google plays, However, most of the feature of the third party are premium which requires you to buy. But with Infinix Xhide your Personal information remains private and protected.

XHide allows you to hide contacts, history, messages, and your photos and videos. Even music and apps can be hidden from others with complete and secure content management.

In conclusion, this are my incredible feature that I found very rear in other Media Tek phone. If you have other not list here, kindly add it in the comments below.

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