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How to Hide and Unhide Annoying post On Facebook

Are you tired of seeing your Facebook wall becoming cluttered sexy, unethical, political, entertainment, and other inrelevant posts with updates from "friends" you barely know?. it is sometimes annoying or even embracing to see some post on your wall which is against your moral value or even on ethical. Have seen this post you may be wondering what do, while others may just scrolling down the wall and continue or even exit the Facebook.

This scenario has forced many from using the Facebook social media while this should not be the case. Facebook has grown over the year from 2014 to 2017 with 2 billion monthly users and it still growing day by day. You can also enjoy facebook and free yourself from those annoying post.

Facebook has a quick and easy way to organize your wall by hiding updates from friends or hiding updates from applications. This allows users to organize their wall and only see the updates they want to see.
In this post, I will be guiding you on how to hide and unhide post on your wall. the annoying post should never rip you off of connecting to friends and family again.

The Hide Menu Botton on Facebook

Many facebook user doesn't really know that this button even exists because Facebook hides menu button is hidden. For you to access the hide feature you have to hover the mouse over a status update on your wall.
Have you will notice how the word "Hide" appears in the upper left corner with a triangle pointing down? This is how you access the Hide menu. Now you can Simply click on the word "Hide" in order to hide the post from your wall. there other options to choose from ("Hide post" Hide All from XXX" and Unfollow YYY")

Note: When you use the "Hide post" it means you only hide that post on all ware it repeats itself on that your wall. "Hide all from XXX" (the Facebook user) you will stop seeing the post from this person. "Unfollow YYY" (The group where the post is shared)

How to Unhide Friends on Facebook

Facebook, however, also give their users the option of undo ( Unhide) friends whenever they won't do that. Sometimes, this may not be the case, You may accidentally hide a friend on Facebook that you want to see updates from?. After you hide someone, you have the option to undo the hide. However, you must modify your wall options.

For you to unhide friends on Facebook you scroll all the way down the wall until you see the Edit Options link on the right side of the middle column. Clicking on Edit Options and it will give you a menu, allowing you to unhide friends or applications.

To unhide a friend, simply locate their name in the list and click the "Add to News Feed" button. You can also check my article on " how to unblock someone on facebook"
As for application, click at the top where it says "applications", locate the application you want to unhide and click the "Add to News Feed" button.

If you are in PC, just click on the setting  and select blocking

Blocking Option


Annoying Inmoral, political and entertainment post on Facebook feed has always been a problem to may facebook users. However, Facebook has a button that allows the user to hide and unhide such annoying post. In this post, I have to guide you on how to use the facebook hide and unhide button to stop those annoying post. 
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