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All you Need To Know About Power Bank and Why you Should have One

You will agree with me that In the recent day of smartphone and frequently surfing the internet.The modern day smartphone is truly loaded with new features and functionalities that ranch from Moto display, curved screen, face-lock, and double tab to wake etc, such a vast array of capabilities, those not just come without a price: speedy battery drain, weight and flexibility.

The need for power bank has become a basic necessity to many, because of several reasons which range from travelling, game playing and unstable power, especially in developing country where power is a major problem.

What Is A Power Bank

Before we continue, with why you should need a power bank, it is important to create a picture of what power is, as some of you may be confused about what a power bank actually is. The power bank is just a power storage device. It’s a set of batteries that can be recharged for hundreds of times just like your mobile Phone. A power bank can have 1 battery to as many as 6-8 batteries. Actually, the maximum is limited by the manufacturer’s abilities and the amount of mAh it stores.

Are Power bank really necessary you?

Power banks have become a necessary accessory to any smartphone users while other just purchase the gadget not out of necessity. To me, I would say that the power bank is not yet an essential piece of mobile hardware that all smartphone users should own. However, It all depends on whether your situation warrants it or not.

What’s the bottom line? You will not just buy a power bank that you will allow to fallow around without necessarily using it. Take some time to study the trends of your smartphone usage. Do you find yourself running out of battery during the daytime? If that is the case, move on to the next question: Are you based in the office all the time where a power outlet is easily available? Should you remain within the comfortable confines of civilization throughout the working day, then finding a power outlet should not be too much of a hassle for you. This makes the availability of juice for the smartphone commonplace, hence doing away with the need for a power bank.

However, as the saying goes "prevention is better than cure". Get a power bank is very crucial. This will eliminate all questions of “what if” just in case you need to be reached an important business partner or in case of an emergency situation only to have it fall through because your conversation was cut short halfway due to the lack of battery power.

What to consider before buying a power bank?

In Life, you just can buy what you don't really need, now that you have decided to purchase a power bank for your smartphone. there are few things that are very important when buying a power bank. Reliability, safety, size, weight and brand should be the top priority for anyone exploring the power bank option.

There are many factors to consider when comparing the many portable charging options out on the market now, but there are many guides out there to help you find the right one. Portable battery chargers come in different capacities and form, that suit every individual’s needs and lifestyles. From those that slip easily into pockets and purses, boast an array of USB ports that crank power out at amazingly rapid amperage levels, to ones with multiple functions such as built-in LED flashlights and cardholders, the range of options are simply endless.

Technical features aside, portable battery packs come in a wide variety of colour options as well as levels of ruggedness to suit your lifestyle. Finding “the One” can boost almost every facet of your mobile life- your music player, GPS navigator, Bluetooth headset, and personal health wearable will never run out of juice when you’re on the move.

I would recommend getting a power bank from a reliable brand, even if it is a little bit expensive than the china copies power banks that readily available at a cheap rate. After all, you would not want your power bank to fail on you in the most crucial moments or spoil your device battery in the short run.

Always avoid brands that are low quality or unknown, or have not been tried and certified before when it comes to power banks. It is one of the easiest things to do before making the purchase decision and yet will offer a great deal of satisfaction and peace of mind when this simple advice is followed through.

What Power Bank Capacity do you really need

Power bank capacity is the most important aspect to look for when buying a power bank.Afer considering the quality, price and other aspects, you will now have to determine the capacity of power bank that will meet your requirement.

If you are new on power bank gadget, check the capacity of your smartphone’s battery. If you’re looking for a power bank that will be used by you primarily, you can consider your phone’s battery size, and perhaps multiply it by at least two in most cases, or three generally. This means that you will want a power bank that can charge your smartphone at least twice or thrice.

For example, if using a power bank that has 10,400 mAh, to charge a device of 2,300 mAh battery. This means that the power bank can charge the device full thrice, and half the battery once. At the end of the day, you get around 3.5 charges with some power still left in the power bank. This should give you an idea of determining the capacity of your power bank.

Other features look for before buying Power Banks

After considering the capacity of power bank, there other vital features to hunt for before buying a good power bank. These features are portability, quality, efficiency, overcurrent protection, over current protection and others.


Portability is a very important consideration while buying a power bank. While additional power is great, you will want to be comfortable carrying it around. Your power bank should be pocketable while having enough capacity. However, the more portable the smaller the power bank and the capacity.


Another major consideration while buying a power bank is quality. Quality is always essential, but when it comes to cables, chargers, batteries and power banks, it is extremely important to go for reputable/high-quality brand option. Sure, you may end up paying a bit more. But this will help you avoid damage to your phone or other gadgets you are going to charge.You can compromise on the price but never compromise on quality.

The Importance of Quality in power bank.

Safe power banks should have undergone the following testing.
Efficiency more efficient power bank is, a lower operating temperature it will have, which wastes less energy for a longer life expectancy.

  • Over Current Protection it prevents too much power going into the battery pack and the power going out to the connected equipment, protecting the delicate circuitry of both devices.

  • Over Voltage Protection it protects both the power bank and the connected device by keeping the voltage within recommended safety parameters to avoid damage.

  • Over-Discharge/Charge Protection some power banks consistently monitor charge states to prevent this from happening.

  • Heat Tests at Extreme Temperatures   While using batteries in extreme temperatures isn’t advised anywhere.

Last but least, it’s CERTIFICATION.

These logos or marks, usually found on the packaging, will indicate that they have passed the necessary industry standard regulations, to comply with and achieve the following certifications.
So, have you got a clear idea about how to choose power bank for your phone and tablet while reading through this post?

Best Power Bank Recommendations

Base on my experience and some digging on power bank, I will recommend any brand of the brand listed below as this brand has a good quality track record on both phone and power bank. Here is my list of my favourite ones.
  1. New Age power Bank- it comes in 1500mAh to 10,000 mAh ( This is mostly available in Africa)
  2. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank – Comes in 5,000 mAh, 5,200 mAh, 10,400 mAh and 16,000 mAh capacities. Currently out of stock on all Indian retailers’ sites, but keep an eye out for them. High on quality, low on price.
  3. Ambrane – Tons of options. Great quality, prices have finally fallen to sensible levels now.
  4. Sony – Another favourite brand of power banks, Sony’s products can be a little costly (mainly due to the brand), but the quality is top notch.
  5. Portronics – Another known brand when it comes to power banks.
  6. Asus – Trustworthy, but a little costly.
Please feel free to comment below if you still have some questions or concerns on choosing a right power bank for your mobile devices.

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