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How to fix invalid IMEI for infinix Note 3 X601 after upgrade to 7.0 Nougat

Hi, everyone, I am here to provide you with the full tutorial on how to fix Note 3 imei after upgrading to 7.0 nougat. in this post, I will try as much as possible to go straight to the point so that you can easily comprehend the tutorial.
Invalid imei is one big problem that some MTK phone are facing when they upgrade the device to Android 7.0. the problem is caused as a result of formatting and downloading of the stock rom using sp flash tool or infinix flash tool.

How to avoid lost of imei on Infinix Note 3 x601 after upgrade

The are few guideline to follow if you want to avoid imei lost on Infinix Note 3 X601 after you have upgrade to Android 7.0

  1. Ensure you are using sp flashtool version 5.1 and above or any other Mtk Flash support software (box) that will allow you to select which block to flash e.g only system
  2. Please don't use the conventional Infinix flashtool because this tool will format the block before rewriting the new file. this will lead to IMEI lost
  3. When flashing Android os 7.0 on Infinix Note 3, ensure you only flash the following file ( system, recovery, userdata, cache, preloader) unmark all other file and flash
  4. lastly, preferable if you have enough Mobile data or wifi network, just perform an OTA update. This will not lead to any imei lost

How to fix imei lost on Infinix Note 3 (X601) after upgrade

In case you have flash your infinix Note 3 with the recent release Android 7.0 upgrade with sp flashtool or with other tool and you are faced with invalid IMEI. Below is the step to take to fix the problem.

Avenger Flash Box to fix imei

The first method to fix imei on infinix Note 3 (X601) 7.0 is to use one of my all time best flash box after miracle, which is the Avenger.

Avenger Box is a very powerful box for flashing and writing IMei. This box support writing imei on Android 7.0 while miracle box, for now, don't support this feature.

If you have this box you don't need to panic as you can just write the IMEI with Avenger by hovering on the IMEI repair support section of th box under MTK chipset.

Downgrade To 6.0

If you don't have the box as I have mentioned above, then there is still hope for you to get your imei back. However, this method will require to downgrade your Infinix Note 3 x601 to Android 6.0 and reflash to 7.0 again. let me break everything use steps.

  1. Download the 6.0 Android version for your Infinix x601
  2. Flash the 6.0 on the phone using sp flashtools ( lean how here)
  3. Write the imei using Miracle 2.27, ( learn how here)
  4. Now reflash the phone with the initial Android version 7.0 but this time only flash the following file (system, recovery, preloader, userdata, and cache)
  5. After flashing your IMEI will be fix

Thanks for reading. if you tried and still fail, please let me know in the comment box below or just Whatsapp me on +2348169730504

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