Monday, 24 July 2017

How to use Infinix Flash Tool

Infinix Flash Tool is a very handy tool for flashing stock ROMs / Firmware to an Infinix Android phone


How to use Infinix Flash tool

  1. Extract Infinix Flash tool and the stock ROM you wish to flash

    [Image: how-to-use-infinix-flash-tool-1.jpg]
  2. Run Infinix Flash tool as Administrator

    [Image: how-to-use-infinix-flash-tool-2.jpg]
  3. You should now see the tool's Dashboard

    [Image: how-to-use-infinix-flash-tool-3.jpg]
  4. Click Brower (with a folder icon)

    [Image: how-to-use-infinix-flash-tool-4.jpg]
  5. In the window that pops up, navigate to the stock ROM folder, select the scatter file and click Open

    [Image: how-to-use-infinix-flash-tool-5.jpg]
  6. The file path should now appear in front of Infinix-bin-loading File

    [Image: how-to-use-infinix-flash-tool-5b.jpg]
  7. Click Start

    [Image: how-to-use-infinix-flash-tool-6.jpg]
  8. Start should now be grayed out and Stop green in color

    [Image: how-to-use-infinix-flash-tool-7.jpg]
  9. Switch off the phone and connect it to the PC via USB cord (with battery inside); flashing should begin
    * Note: Do not interrupt flashing. If you accidentally do and the phone goes dead

    [Image: how-to-use-infinix-flash-tool-8.jpg]
  10. You should get a green OK prompt once flashing is completed

    [Image: how-to-use-infinix-flash-tool-9.jpg]
  11. Disconnect the phone then boot it. If the phone gets stuck at logo (and you flashed the correct ROM) then removed the battery and slot it back in. If the battery is inbuilt then do a factory reset in recovery mode

Thanks for reading.

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