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How to use coolpad cds upgrade tool and YGDP Tool

How to use coolpad cds upgrade tool

In this tutorial i will be guiding you on how you can successful flash coolpad or any CPB firmware, so sit back and relax as you read the entire post.
in this tutorial i will be just providing two method of flashing coolpad phone or CPB firmware. The first method is using the coolpad cds upgrade tools while the second method is the use of YGDP Tool.
this method is pretty simple but or complex than the YGDP, therefore, you will need to pay close attension while using this method for the first time. below are the basic requirement
  1. Download and install CDS TOOLS
  2. Install the cds drivers
  3. Connect the phone to the system using USB cable


  1. After Install the CDS upgrade tool, run the CDS tool, double-click the desktop icon

  1. Open the window and use default user name [CoolFans], without a password, click [SUBMIT]

  1. Connect the phone to the computer, so CDS access to cell phone
  2. The mode or state of the device 1.Can boot: boot status connected CDS, CDS will automatically obtain mobile phone information and display on the 
  3. Can not boot: shutdown state connection CDS, manually fill models, serial number, hardware version number ( you will need to hold down the volume key and then plug in the data cable, other platforms can be directly plugged into the shutdown state
  4. After the success of the automatic boot, or shutdown the state of manual input information is successful, Now “one-click download”, the system will automatically and services. but if you already have the firmware on the local hard drive, will not need to download from the server. Detail are given at the end of the post
  5. After the download is complete, the phone will automatically enter the download mode
  6. Now check for the version number or boot detection function and version number
  7. After the upgrade is successful, unplug the data cable, reinstall the battery, press the power button to boot. perforn hard reset but is not  a most


You can also download the upgrade package from the official website, select the offline download mode,this those  not need to download the CDS from the server, however, precautions most be take which i will highlight below
Precautions and other instructions
  1. If your phone is on the latest version, you may try factory reset to see if the problem will be
  2. you may also try the OTA (over the air update) if the phone support this feature Cool mobile phone with a wireless upgrade feature, click on the phone’s “System Update” feature, you can complete the wireless upgrade,It is recommended to use WIFI network for wireless upgrade to save mobile data.
  3. When the upgrade process stops and fails, please pay attention to check whether the data line contact is good or a network problem, please try to upgrade again.
  4. Please ensure you download the currect firmware for you phone incase you are usinf the offline method
  5. lastly always ensure you backup of your important file like contact, sms, and media file incase if anythings goes wrong..
YGDP Tool method
This is my fovorite method of flashing cds phone because it easy to and very efficient . however, it those not suppot the online server download. so sitt back and relax while we take you through the entire process.
the following are the basic requirement for the use of YGDP tools
  1. Download and install the Android USB Drivers on your Computer. If Android Drivers is already installed on your computer then no need
  2. Download and install YGDP Tool on your computer
  3. Open YGDP Flashing Tool

  1. YGDP Flashing Tool is launched, you will be able to see the following screen
  2. Now, press on the login but some may require password Now, enter the Password 369 or 9527 and click on Login button

  1. Once you are able to see the main screen of YGDP Tool, then click on the Config button

  1. And add the CPB firmware (locate the CPB firmware that you want to flash on your android device):

  1. Now, Click on the Apply button

  1. Now, connect your android device to the computer while press the  volum down or volum up or even both depending othe one that work for your device (make sure it is power off and battery installed).
  2. Now, click on the Start Button to begin the flashing

  1. Once Flashing is completed you will be able to see green Upgrade Successful message
Congratulations, Now your Android Device is successfully running the Stock Rom you have Downloaded

Important NOTE:

  1. Take a Phone backup before using the YGDP Flashing Tool as because during the flashing process your personal data will be removed.
  2. Always press volume up key from the device and connect to the computer then start the flashing process.
  3. Compatibility issue: If YGDP Tool doesnt work in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, in that situation right click on the YGDP_Assembly.exe > Properties > Run this Program in compatibility mode for Windows XP
  4. Credits: YGDP tool is created by Coolpad Inc, so full credits goes to them for the tool

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