Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How to unlock MTN Sm@rt mini S620 dual SIM Android phones

In this tutorial i will showing how you can permanently unlock your MTN smart S620 phone to use all network on but sim slot.
If you've been using these phones then you would have noticed that SIM 1 is locked to only MTN SIM cards.

for those people that are using Smart mini from MTN it is with great delight to share with you how you can successfully unlock the phone  enable you to use any network at SIM 1 likewise SIM 2. This is confirmed  trick

Now the tutorial proper 

  1.  Download Mobile Uncle or MTK Engineering mode.
  2. Open and select MTK Settings
  3.  Under "Telephony" which is currently the home tab, scroll down and select •SIMME LOCK•
  4.  Select "Network Personification"
  5.  Select "Unlock"

It will display a page showing you to insert a code which is of 8 digits which 5 times trial. (The code is "12345678") insert and unlock. It will show a popup "unlock succeed". Go back to "Network Personification" select •Unlock Permanently• and proceed. if you follow this step carefully you should be thanking me now. 

Courtesy: Larryx (hovatek)

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