Monday, 24 July 2017

How to Sideload Flashable Zips Using ADB

This is a guide on how to sideload flash-able zip file using adb command. Many at time you come across a firmware which are park in zip and are only flash-able using the adb sideload method, so just sit back and read through the tutorial.


  • Setup adb and fastboot 
  • Enable USB debugging on your device using the guide 

How to sideload flashable zips using ADB

  1. Boot your device into recovery mode by typing the codes below and press enter after each line in adb
    adb devices
    adb reboot recovery

  2. In recovery mode, depending on which custom recovery you are currently using,

    •  If TWRP, click on Advanced > ADB sideload

    • If CWM, select Install zip > Install zip from sideload
  3. In adb window, flash the zip by typing the code in adb
    adb sideload

    adb sideload
  4. You should see the progress bar, once its complete then you can reboot your device.

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