Saturday, 15 July 2017

How to install CWM recovery on tecno H7

Today i will be guiding through on how to install CWM recovery for tecno H7. CWM recovery is very important especially when you want to install custom rom on tecno H7. tecno H7 happen to be one of the smart phone usually have to have stock rom problem.

There are two method of installing cwm recovery in tecno H7 which i will be giving full detail.

Installing cwm recovery method One

The first method will of installing cwm recovery will require the following.

  1. Tecno H7 stock rom 
  2. sp flashtools
  3. Cwm recovery
Procedure as follow
  1. extract the tecon H7 rom if zip
  2. Launch the sp flashtool and select the scatter loader
  3. Unmark all and change the recovery dir to the cwm recovery ( you dowloaded
  4. Click on the download button after the green circle, you are done
  5. Now remove the battery and insert it again to reboot recovery( volume up + power key)
  6. Your phone will reboot to CWM recovery
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The second method of installing cwm recovery on tecno H7

The second method is applicable when tecno H7 usb is bad or not connecting to the system. This will require the following

  1. Rooting using romroot.apk 
  2. Flash recovery.apk (RASHR) 
  3. CWM recovery 

Procedure as follow
  1. Install the romroot.apk
  2. On your data or use a wifi
  3. launch the app and click access root wait while it show successful
  4. Install and launch flashrecovery.apk one it and allow root access 
  5. select recovery form storage and navigate to the cwm recovery and then click
  6. after installing the recovery it propt reboot recovery click yes
If you want to install custom rom for tecno H7 click here

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