Sunday, 16 July 2017

How to easily download files from MEGA on PC

How to easily download files from MEGA on PC

In this tutorial i will guiding you on how to download large file from MEGA upload. large file download has always been difficult to download because network are not stable esspecially in developing country.This alway result to  fail download.
Well in this short tutorial  we will show you how to download your files without fear of download fail message.
this will involves the use of a third party software called Mega Link Downloader. This software downloads files from MEGA just like Internet Download Manager. Great speed with the amazing pause and resume ability. Follow the simple steps below

  1. Download an install the latest MEGA Link Downloader from here
  2. Launch it
  3. Click Settings and Select the download directory then click Save
  4. Make sure its the latest version of the software by clicking Check Updates button.
  5. If it's not the latest version, get the latest version from the link thats on the popup window.
  6. Now launch your browser an open the MEGA page which has the file you want to download
  7. Copy the the link inside the address bar
  8. Mega Link Downloader will capture the link copied
  9. Click Add so that the link can be processed
  10. After the link has been processed, tick the name of the file you want to download and click start button
  11. The Download process will start.

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