Sunday, 23 July 2017

How to Backup and Restore Blackberry 10 Devices with Blackberry Link Software

in this guide i will be sharing with you how you can backup and restore blackberry 10 with link software. Backup are very important activating many phone user usually ignore and are very important for many reason (theft, damage, restore factory and even change of phone). Please the guide very careful inoder not mess thins up.


  • Blackberry Link: Download
  • Original USB Cable
  • Enough time

Steps to Backup Blackberry with Link Software

  1. Launch Blackberry Link and Connect your Device after you've successfully downloaded and installed it on your PC.
Note: You will have to insert your Blackberry Lock Screen Password and Click Ok. (If your blackberry is password protected)

2. Click on "Manage this device with Blackberry Link" and Click "Start Using My Device"

Click on Back Up & Restore on the Left Navigation Menu and Click Backup in Actions.

Click on "Full Backup" if you want to make Complete Backup and Click on Start Backup

For Restoring, Click on Restore on the Navigation Menu>Choose the Restore File>Click Start Restoring. 

Done. Now you have successfull flash you blackberry10 backup and restore

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