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2 way to install Instagram++ on iOS 10 without Jailbreaking 2017

Instagram is one of the most commonly used social network with over 1 billion users. Instagram,  allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately on the service, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as FacebookTwitterTumblr, and Flickr. Not only this, you can even send direct messages and upload your story to share it with your followers. Though the mobile app is just awesomethere are a few features that might be handy when the time comes

What is Instagram++?

Instagram++ - The Instagram tweak that makes Instagram easier and more convenient to use, allows photo/video downloads and sharing, and improves on the Instagram interface. It brings a lot of exciting features with itself. This is what you can do with the help of Instagram that you would not have been able to do with the Instagram app:
  • Directly saving pictures and videos from the app to your phone,
  • Uploading pictures and videos to Story from the Camera Roll,
  • Changing the viewing style of your feed to either grid or list,
  • Hiding comments in the feed,
  • Viewing the exact time when the user published a post,
  • Viewing a user’s profile photo in full screen by tapping it,
  • Hiding Ads & Stories,
  • Muting a particular user,
  • Copying text from a post and much more.

Appearance Enhancements:

• Custom main and explore feed types: choose between full feed and thumbnail view for each feed
• Show full timestamps for posts with customizable date/time formats
• Hide comments in full feed view
• Hide Bio info in profile view
• Spoof followers count
• Spoof following count
• Fullscreen view

Media Viewing Enhancements:

• Open Links inside Instagram
• Show HQ photos in thumbnails
• Long hold an image to zoom
• Show caption while zoomed
Media sharing and downloads:

• Share videos/photos using built in iOS share sheet
• Download videos/photos to your iOS camera roll
• Double tap on thumbnails to share/download
• Re-Gram videos and photos
• Download media
• Copy/Share Text
Misc Enhancements:

• Always play video sound in full feed
• Confirm double tap to like
• Password protect the Instagram app
• Disable DM read receipts
• Manage multiple Instagram accounts.

Install Instagram++ without jailbreak (Method 1)

One way you can get instagram ++ is to use the thitd party store{Any apple store that is not official} a good example is the Build Store. Build Store is a third party app store that enables you to install apps from outside the App Store without having to jailbreak your iOS device. Instagram++ is available on the Build Store, and so, you can install it from here without having to jailbreak your device. Build Store uses a paid subscription-based model, and costs $9.99 per year per device.
Note: Instagram++ is a tweaked app as i have mension before, and has the same Bundle ID as that of the official. As such, you can’t keep both the original and tweaked version of the app installed simultaneously on the same device. You must uninstall the original or previous version of Instagram++ app in order to install the updated version.
The following steps should guide you on how to install Instagram++ on your iOS device:
  1. Uninstall the official version of Instagram, or any previous version of Instagram++, if you already have it installed.
  2. Sign up for a new BuildStore account and register your iOS device.
  3. On your registered iOS device, open Safari and navigate to the Instagram++ app page.
  4. Tap on the Install button.
Instagram++ will be installed on your registered iOS device
Install Instagram++ without jailbreak (Method 2)

So, let’s start:

  1. Remove the official Instagram app installed on your phone.
  2. Download Instagram++ IPAon your PC from here.
  3. Connect your phone to your PC and download Cydia Impactor from here.
  4. Drag the IPA file you downloaded into Cydia Impactor. It will install and sign the file on your device.
  1. Enter your Apple ID for generation of certificates while IPA file is being signed.
  2. The installation process is complete now.
  3. Before opening the app, go to Settings>General>Profiles>Developer App. Under the subhead of Developer Head, you will see a profile with your name. Tap it and then tap on Trust.
  4. Instagram++ has been successfully installed. Open and Explore!You can now use the Instagram++ app and explore all those features mentioned above.  If there is anything that we might have missed in this post, feel free to contact us. Your reviews are always welcome to us.

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