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How to flash allwinner Tabs

How to flash allwinner Tabs

In this post, i will be guiding you on how to flash allwinner Tab. A friend of my just requested this for this post on whatsapp and i found it wealthy of posting it here.
Let me be clear here that winner tab don't have an official website or brand as one of my friend refer them as road side production. there  are various winner tab in the market and most of them are Samsung clone ( Samsung tab 2 and 3).
Note:  There two set of clone tab now in the market 1. The MTK clone tab 2. The winner Tab.
So this post is for allwinner Tab.

Now let get started.

before flashing a winner tab there few things you will need to understand before you proceed

  1. The problem require flashing or just require a reset
  2. Is the problem cause by virus or just system crash
  3. You most at  least have basic knowledge about the cause of the problem
Now look at the possible scenario so as to know which one of the process that is required

  • The tab is not is having bootloop (not booting or stop at android). 

Try hard reset the tab if it support hard reset, if it failed now you will try flashing ( instruction about flashing will be given below)

  • The tab application are show unfortunately android has stop working.

Try the solution provided in this post on how to fix android has stop working HERE. if the problem is not solved you will need to flash the tab.

  • In case  virus attack 

The best solution to virus attack is to flash the tab

How to flash allwinner tab

it time for us look in datails how to successfully flash allwinner tab. But before you rush into the flashing a winner tab, there are few step to take which i will outline below

  1.  Ensure the problem can only be fix with flashing that is you have try hard reset or factory reset and it has failed
  2. Know the winner tab model number or engine number. To know this, you will need to open the tab and check for it ( dont trust the model number in the about on the phone) an example is given below
  3.  Download allwinner driver. Get HERE
  4. Search google for the engine number you see in step 2 download it
  5. Download livesuit. Get HERE
  6. Download phoenix card. Get HERE

Now the flashing process

In this post i will be providing two method of flashing winner tab

Method 1 ( Livesuit method)

The livesuit method has alot of tremendous advantage because it easyt to use and work well on all winner tab. First you will need to download it as stated above and the following the step below.
Basic function of livesuit

Basic function

  • backup and query information
  • firmware upgrade 
  • upgrade livesuit

Basic Button 

  • Select IMG: click the button to select the firmware you want flash
  • Upgrade: click to upgrade the user interface
  • Help: click to get help
  • Mininiz: click to minimize the program
  • Exit: click to close the program
Watch the video below to understand it better

The installation procedure

  • install the all winner driver and livesuit

  • Run the livesiut as adim

  • The interface 

Now the flashing 

  •  open the LiveSuit software.
  •  select the firmware. (*.img)
  •  insert the device to be upgraded (only one device is permitted)
  •  click “ Update”, to start. if it fail to start press on power key in sequence every one second till it connect
  • During upgrade, you will be asked to install the USB Driver twice. The driver file is “usbdrv.inf” in the folder“usbDriver”,which is located at the installation path of “LiveSuit”(for more detail information please refer the to“Appendix:USB Device Install”)

  • If you upgrade successfully, please pull out the device, then reset it.
  • if failed, please pull out the device, reset it. And do the upgrade again.
  •  if upgrade failed so many times, please contact with the franchiser.

Please do not click the “ NetSync” or “ exit” button during upgrade.

Method Two (2) (The phoeonix card method)

The phoeonix card method.
This method does not require USB driver and it is one of the most easy way to flash winner tabs.
However the method require a SD card to work. It work on the principle of bootable disk, that is the firmware is burn in to the SD card which is later burn in to the Tab. 
 To use this method you will need the following
  1. Good original memory card
  2. The winner firmaware image
  3. The phoenix card
  4. Card reader

The procedure

Please follow the procedure carefully to avoid mistake.

  1. Extract and run the Phoenix card
  2. Run the phoenix card 
  3. Put the memory in the card reader
  4. Select the drive letter from the phoenix card that matches the memory card
  5. click on format
  6. Now select the img of the firmware
  7. Click on burn and wait till it show successful
  8. Now remove the memory from the card reader and put it on the phone
  9. power the phone the flashing should begin, wait till it finish
  10. remove the memory card (very important) and power
  11. If the process is well follow. The Tab should boot normal
Watch the video below if you don't understand

Note: before you start flashing ensure you backup the file in the memory card and the phone because both the phone  file will be lost.

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