Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to fix Tecno Y2 White screen after flashing

White screen after flashing Tecno Y2 is an unusual event that i experience some few week ago. i try downloading other rom of Tecno Y2 but the problem was not fixed. So i try some more trick to get around the problem and i steeple  upon the this solution online and the problem was successful fix.

i believe the person reading this post most be already knowledgeable  in the field of flashing. i will suggest the use of sp Flashtools 5.16*** and above for this process. now let get started


  1. Sp flashtools HERE
  2. Tecno Y2 file HERE
  3. Tecno Y2 white screen Fix HERE


  1. Extract all the file downloaded above 
  2. Now select the scartter from the from the Tecno Y2 file
  3. Replace All the file us see from the Tecno Y2 white screen fix
  4. Change the download  to upgrade and hit  download
  5. please till the process has finish 
  6. power the phone and the problem should be fix
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Ibrahim ibn said...

procedure not clear