Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to fix android unfortunately, the process has stopped

To day i will be showing how you can quickly fix unfortunately, the process has stopped. this problem is very common on few MTK devices and very predominate in SPD (spreadtrum ) phone. The major cause of the problem can attributed to weak apk programming. i will quick explained the cause and how you can quickly fix the problem of unfortunately, the process has stopped.

 Nothing happen without a reason, just like you can not see a man head on the ground and you will say the man die but  you will say he was kill. Few  things can be responsible for the problem unfortunately, the process has stopped, Some of the cause are

  1. Corrupted APK in the system file
  2. Virus infection on the system file
  3. Total system failure
  4. this error message can be triggered by the phone or toolkit application.
As it has been said that there is no problem without SOLUTION. There few step to take in order to get your phone back in a normal condition. i will be providing some few solution to this problem which may work well on some devices and may not work on other devices. Now let get started

  1. Download and install ultimate caller id screen HD@ HERE. You can also use this app HERE After installation and the problem persist then try the second method
  2. Clear Cache and Data of the SIM Toolkit
  3. Navigate to Settings > Apps > All > and scroll Sim toolkit
     Now Clear data and cache 
     Reboot the phone to check
  4.  Cleaning the user-data and cache 
Navigate to Settings > Apps > All > and scroll to Phone.
 Now Clear data and cache 
 Reboot the phone to check
5.Now if all failed try factory set the phone. Note : ensure you backup your data (contact, sms, and media file) because this process will erase everything in the phone.

6. This is the last option if the two method fail. You will need to download and reload the android OS, which i will be providing the link below

  • Download the rom for you phone following this link HERE
  • Lean how to flash the phone HERE
  • Download the sp flashtools HERE
You may also want to watch this video in case this methods failed

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