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How to Bypass Samsung Reactivation Lock

 How to Bypass Samsung Reactivation Lock

This is a simply guide on how to bypass Samsung Reactivation Lock. Please note that this Guide is for Samsung Reactivation lock and not Google FRP lock, You might

Bypass Samsung Reactivation Lock method One

You will the following to be able to bypass Samsung reactivation Lock

1.    OTG cable
2.    A wifi Network with an internet connection
3.    Memory card
4.    And launch setting apk

Procedure to Bypass Samsung Reactivation Lock.

1.) Use OTG cable and launch settings) 
2.) Open Accounts and add Google account
3.) Open Lock Screen and Security
4.) Open Find My Mobile
5.) Click ( it will open up a browser)
6.) Search Google Play Store and launch it
7.) Google Play Store opens up and then search for KNOX and install it
8.) Launch KNOX and Register
9.) Now search for a launcher like APEX and when it is done click open (should take you to home launcher)
10.) Open up KNOX and MORE and KNOX Settings in the upper right 
11.) Click  Account 
12.) Add SAMSUNG account ( I also added Google account but don't think its needed)
13.) I then set KNOX style to Launcher and it restarted the UI
14.) On the Samsung Protection screen Log into the Samsung account you signed into with in KNOX

You should be logged back into your phone

Bypass Samsung Reactivation Lock method two

1.         With device turned off, enter download mode (power +Volume down + Home buttons)
2.         Then press all buttons to get to Maintenance Boot Mode
3.         Select USB debug mode
4.         Turn on device, and open a adb cmd window and type

Adb devices
Adb shell
Am start -n
To open settings
5.         Go to reset, It will ask to put in Samsung account.
6.         Put in yours 
7.         Reboot
8.         It will now let you finish setup wizard!

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