Friday, 18 November 2016

How to Unlocking your Telstra Elite (ZTE MF60) Mobile Wi-fi Device for Free

Unlocking Zte FM60 is very easy and simple. Unlocking Zte MF60 is all about flashing and updating the generic firmware

  1. You will need a Window base PC (preferred win7)
  2. A usb cable

The following file

  1. ZTE Generic firmware (Mirror)
  2. Firmware version check patch
  3. (Mirror)
  4. Drivers for Telstra Elite


  • Download Telstra Elite ZTEMODEM.iso, the generic ZTE firmware, and the patch
  • Install the drivers from the ISO. extract it using a program like 7Zip or winrar.
  • Plug in the MF60 modem via your USB port, re-detect devices in your Device Manager. You’ll notice that several COM ports are now installed. Without the correct drivers installed, it will not update
  • run the memory-based patch to allow the firmware to actually start working first. Without the patch, as you may see, the updater will refuse to work because it thinks the firmware is incompatible. Start the firmware updating.
  • Run the generic firmware updater
  • Let the firmware update but upon reaching 80%, you’ll notice that your modem will reset & display a ZTE logo on screen. When you see this, disconnect the USB plug.

  • Close the firmware updater and ignore the warning message.
  • Put in a foreign sim and check if it is unlock, if not step 8
  • Re-run firmware updater one more time (no patch needed now). Let it run through and finish.

That’s it – your device is unlocked and through generic firmware!
If you haven’t already, install a foreign SIM card into the modem. Enjoy your unlocked MF60!
The default wifi network name is ufi_999999 and password of 12345678. Accesss your modem at and login using the password admin.
You should probably change.

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