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Miracle box is one most have China box in the market especially when it comes to repairing of the chipset of  MTK, SPD, QUALCOMM devices.

Today I will not be giving all the full function of this box because it will take 100 of the page to do that. In this post, I will only be giving a tutorial on how to fix the inactive start button on Miracle. I will quickly go and explain the importance of the update and the disadvantages and how to fix the update error

Advantages of the Miracle box update

Miracle box update always comes with great feature and UI interface. Some of the features are new while other are a sampling update of the existing feature. Here are some 
1     New support phone is added
2.       New support chip set are added
3.       New UI interface
4.       New repairs tabs are added e.g frp setting and anti theft

Disadvantages of Miracle Update

With everything that has advantages will also have its share of disadvantages. Miracle box is not an exception. Some of the disadvantages can be listed below
1.       The new update may require an internet connection to  work
2.       The new update may require an additional hardware to work
3.       The update may require renewing  of licenses
4.       Will not support all crack version of the box

The cause of the compulsory update

Miracle box is initiated made to work offline but however, when an internet connection is available to the computer and the miracle box interface is open, the box will automatically search for an update. When the update available it prop a consolatory update and you can’t use the box without updating it.

If you are not interested in, the new update because of any of the reason. 1.  Don’t have the additional money to spend on the licensees 2.  Additional Hardware dongle  3. You are using the crack version.  Then,  you most always end all internet connection before opening the miracle interface.
How to fix the compulsory update

If you have this problem then you must follow the step below

1.       Exit the miracle box
2.       Go to time and date setting on your pc ( I am sure you can do these)
3.       Change the date to 2009 to 2000 (the month and day are not necessary)  or to any other below the current date. This will depend on the miracle version your

4.       Exit and open the miracle again to check.  When successful you are good to go, when not change the date to back down again.
You can watch the youtube video below

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