Friday, 30 March 2018

Guide on Android USB Driver with installation

In this tutorial i will be sharing with you all Android Smartphone USB drivers with installation guide. Generally USB driver are driver that serve like a bridge to link phones or device to the computer (laptop) and Nokia USB driver is and exception.

Different OS (operating system) has there own USB driver, window phone has it own driver like wise iPhone and other platform OS. Android USB driver are base on Android device chipset as there are many chipset that support android OS platform ( MediaTek, SpreadTrum, Qudcomm) So you have to choose the categories of driver that matches your  chipset.

Before downloading of the drivers provided below try to know the category of the chipset that you phone belong to avoid downloading the wrong one.

Howeve, Some driver can work on all Android phones or devices, you can find these drive list here

Download Android device USB driver (ADB Driver):

Here below you will find USB drivers that can work on most or all Android phone and Tables. Some of the drivers are executable like Android WinADBUSB Driver and Universal ADB Driver and are easy to install.

Download MediaTek (MTK) Android USB Driver:

As i have mension earlyer tha android USB drive work base on the chipset that the device is using. Here the USB driver are for all MediaTek (MTK) Android phone and Tables. Smart Phone USB Driver and Android MediaTek USB Driver both are executable USB driver, which make it easy to use. Android CDC USB Driver, Android VCOM USB Driver and MT65xx Preloader USB Driver are manually update driver and you can find “How to install manually USB Driver” guide in this post after some scroll.
All MediaTek Devices USB Driver

Smart Phone USB Driver Download
Android MediaTek USB Driver Download
Android CDC USB Driver Download
Android VCOM USB Driver Download
MT65xx Preloader USB Driver Download

Download all Qualcomm Snapdragon USB Driver:

These USB driver are working for all Qualcomm Snapdragon Android phone and Tables. Smart Phone USB Driver and Qualcomm USB Driver both are executable USB driver, so it is easy to use.
All Qualcomm Snapdragon Devices Driver
Qualcomm USB Driver Download
Smart Phone USB Driver Download

How to install Android USB and ADB driver?

These driver files don’t have any kind of executable files, they are like text file after you have extract them, therefore, you need to install USB driver using manual method. To install Nokia USB driver using the manual method is given in step by step below.
  • Download and extract the zip file on your computer then connect your android Smartphone via USB cable to your personal computer or laptop.

  • If you are using window 7 click on the window icon (start), Right click on the “Computer” on the option click on the properties now on cascading menu and choose “Manage” option. Click on the “Device Manager” option in the Computer Management dialog box. Now you can see your mobile name or number with yellow triangle icon in the right side pan. That means android device is properly not installed on your PC.

  • Right-click on mouse button which has yellow triangle option then you have to click on Update Driver Software option > Click on the “Browse my computer for driver software” option > Select the folder by clicking on the Browse… button now, you will get complete path of USB driver software file then click on the Next button > Now, your USB driver updating process will be start. After successfully finish the USB driver updating process, finally click on the close button.

You can see a similer post on how to install MTK drive in this post there clear image for you appreciation. Must read: How to install spreadtrum driver

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