Tuesday, 28 November 2017

How to fix a BlackBerry Device Stuck on License Agreement Screen

In today tutorial I will be sharing with you how you can successfully pass the License Agreement screen on your blackberry device after a reset or reload of OS.

If you are experiencing this problem on your blackberry device, then you will get the solution through reading this tutorial.

Now let get started

This error, not a very common but it can be quite frustrating after reloading your Blackberry OS only for you to find out that the device won't let you get past the license agreement screen because the buttons and Touchscreen seem to have frozen.

There are many blackberries that do suffer from freezing during usage and the only option to unfreeze it is to press the lock button at the top the blackberry and press the lock button again.
This is similar to this licence agreement freezing.

To fix this, simply follow the procedure below


  • Press the lock button
  • The screen should go OFF
  • Press the lock button again
  • The screen should come back ON with screen touch and keys working
  • Use the touch screen or Navigation keys to scroll down to the end of the license agreement
  • Finally, click OK

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