Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Meet Itel 5625 designed to suit your comfort with 3 sim capcity

Are you tired of going around with many phones? here is Itel 5625 which is designed to suit you comfort and save you the stress of many phone with it's 3 sim card capacity.

itel 5625 is a feature phone to comes with fatastic feature that will suit your need esspecially when it comes to battery capacity and it loud speak. other intresting featuer about this phone is it internal ROM of 8GB which is the first itel feature phone to have such a capacity.

Real big battery

2500mAh large battery capacity enables users to use their cell phones for long without worrying charging constantly.

Function of a power bankit

Can provide power to other digital devices, working as a power bank.

Super bright LED flashlight

The torch is efficient for lighting at night as well as for emergency usages.

General specs

Model Dimension Display
it5625 130*56.5*13.4mm 2.8'' screen
Resolution Camera Memory
240*320 Back Camera 2.0MP 8MB+8MB, Micro SD Card 32GB
Messaging & SNS Connectivity Battery Capacity
Facebook/Palmchat/Twitter Bluetooth/USB port/Earphone 2500mAh

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