Tuesday, 19 September 2017

How to Bypass Google Account Verification "FRP" on LG Leon g4 (MS345)

Hi, everyone on this post I will share with you how to completely remove FRP on Lg Leon G4 (MS34).This post will be very brief and straight to the point and adding video will increase proper understanding. Please read the instructions very carefully to get success result.

WARNING: This tutorial is for educational purposes only and for those who have forgotten their Gmail password or even bought the device without Know that FRP is locked on the devices. Please, this tutorial is not for some criminal who steal people devices and bypass their security.

Let get started

You will have to ensure that your device is on factory reset protection lock (FRP). To know this is when your device is reset and it shows connect to wifi network during the setup and asks you to put the email address that was previously used on the device.

If you see the image above then is mean your device is FRP lock. To bypass the FRP lock follow the steps outlined below.
  1. Download the LG driver for LG G4 Here
  2. You will also need to download google FRP reset tool for LG G4 Here
  3. Extract the tools and open it in administrator
  4. Now select the Lg device that corresponds to your device and presses the Enter
  5. Now wait for the tool to restart
  6. You can now press ctrl and then C (Ctrll +C)
  7. Finally, press N and punch the enter button
  8. Your device will reboot and the FRP lock willl bee removed

Note: if the driver is not properly installed it will not work. ensure you wait for the driver to finish installation before you start the process. Good luck and let me know in the comment how it went with you.

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