Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Lenovo A6020a41 Stock ROM Firmware Download

On this page you will find the direct link to download the Lenovo A6010 File Stock ROM (original firmware). The Stock ROM Package contains Driver, Flash Tool and Manual.

if you are an experience software repair engineer, you can go straight to the download button that is at the end of the post so as to save time. however, if you new or upcoming technicial you should consider reading the whole post so as to avoid unneccessary damage or bricks.
Why do you want to flash
phone flashing is the process of  rewriting the firmware operating system on a device due to some problem that may have arise during the process of  using the device, some of this problem are as following. forgeten security, malware commanly called virus effect which range from hang on logorestarting, auto turn on internet connection, auto turn on WiFi connection, auto app installing. other may be just and upgrade of OS. Remember some problem can be easily solve by just factory reset
Important things to note
they are few important things to note before flashing any firmware so as to avoid bricks of device. some are listed below

  1. Ensure you dont flash the wrong preloader i.e try to know the buidnumber and the variant of the firmware you are flashing. please read this post by hovatek team or that by
  2. Ensure you have atleast 30% to 50% battery charge so as to avoid half flash
  3. please ensure you backup your important file before flashing eg contact, sms and media file (phone,music and videos)
Requirement before flashing
  1. The device firmware
  2. The chipset flash tools (sp-flashtools or researchdownload)
  3. The chipset or device driver (learn how to install the driver here SPD and MTK)
  4. Good USB cable
  5. Yo;ur computer


  1. Install WinrarSoftware in your Computer or Laptop, if already installed then ignore
  2. Download required for flash file from the link provided below
  3. Extractto as you like path better is desktop for easy understanding
  4. Open SP Flash Toolfolder and chooseexe file and open it
  5. Choose Click Scatter-loadingbutton and select txt file from the location
  6. Uncheck (unmark) "Preloader"only but  If device is dead then no need to uncheck Preloader click on Download button and Just Insert USB Cable to device
  7. If device dead or not detect then try with Volume UP button and Insert USB cable (Note: you can use Volume Down button also for detect not working Up key)
  8. Wait until finished process, do not try unplug device while in flashing mode
  9. Congrats you are done
You can also use other tools like WiseLink, SP Multiport Download, Miracle Box, Volcano, Infinity CMII etc to flash this device.
If you have null/invalid imei after flash, fix it using mtk engineering app, miracle box, maui meta 3g
please consider reading the full tutorial if this is not sufficient



Download Lenovo A6020a41 File Stock ROM

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