Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How to fix the can't connect to the camera error on an Android phone

In this short tutorial i will guiding you on how to fix " can't connect to the camera error". this problem is specific to android operating system and the cause of this error are many. So i will be give some cause and solution to this error.

If you get the can't connect to the camera error when you try using your Android phone's camera then consider the following fixes:

  1. Force stop and clear data for your Camera application

Navigate to Settings > Apps > All > Camera > Force stop > Clear data and try usinig the camera to see if  the problem is fix, if not continue reading.

2. Another Camera app

Install a third party camera app like Camera 360 or any one available

3. Re-flash the firmware

Download the firmware for the phone and flash it. You may check HERE , if this did not fix the problem the last option is the hardware.

Hardware fix

If the above fixes don't fix it then its likely a hardware issue and the camera needs to be re-seated or changed.


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