Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How to boot into stock recovery on Infinix Hot 2 (X510) using button combo

In this guide i will be showing how to boot infinix hot (x510) into recovery mode for hard reset or other recovery options.It’s not news that Volume up + Power button doesn’t work when trying to boot the Infinix Hot 2 X510 into recovery mode.

For those who found this difficult to pull off, here is the first  approach

1. Power off the phone
2. Press (and keep holding) the Volume up button
3. Press (and keep holding) the Power button
4. Keep holding both buttons and release them immediately you see Infinix
5. You should now see an Android icon with No Command
6. Press (and keep holding) the Power button
7. Press (and keep holding) the Volume up button
8. Now, release both buttons together
9. You should now find yourself in stock recovery mode

The second approach

How to boot Infinix Hot 2 X510 into Stock recovery
  • Download this Infinix Hot 2 zip file @ HERE
  • Unzip the above files into a folder
  • Install VCOM drivers on the PC using the guide at HERE
  • Flash the files to the phone using Infinix Flash tool @ HERE
  • Take out the battery after flashing then slot back in and boot the phone normally
  • Setup ADB on the PC using the guide at here and launch ADB 
  • To launch ADB; Open the ADB folder > Hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard > While holding SHIFT, right-click on an empty space in the ADB folder  > Select Open command window here ( if you have miracle, open the folder and click on tools and hold shift and right click then open command)
  • Enable USB debugging on the phone using  and connect it to the PC (while turned on) via a USB cord
  • To boot the phone into recovery mode using ADB, type the commands below and press Enter after each line
adb devices
adb reboot recovery

Credits to Frazercrib and Iamwiz for the zip file

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