Monday, 24 July 2017

How to backup a Spreadtrum Android phone using ADB

In this guide i will showing how to backup any rooting spreadtrum phone for flashing. 
This guide is for Spreadtrum (e.g Itel, Old Tecno etc) Android phones. You may also use the Miracle Box achieved the same result


  • PC
  • Rooted Spreadtrum phone with sufficient SD card storage space like 8GB
  • Install Spreadtrum drivers on PC
  • Setup ADB on the PC
  • Enable ADB detect the Spreadtrum phone (enable usb debugging) 
  • Search and Install Busybox (Stericson) on the phone from play store

Steps to backup a Spreadtrum Android phone using ADB

  1. Download BackupTools.tar and copy it to the same directory as adb.exe
  2. Launch ADB, type the commands below and press enter after each command

    adb push backuptools.tar /data/local/tmp
    adb shell
    su -c mount -o rw,remount rootfs /
    su -c "tar -xvpf /data/local/tmp/backuptools.tar"
    su -c "./"
  3. x means extract ; v means list files as extracted ; f means the name of the archive (file to be extracted) appears next ; p means retain permission 
  4. All partitions on the phone will be saved to the backup directory on the phone's memory card

Error messages and fixes

  • If you get  "User unallowed: Operation not permitted" in ADB then go to the phone and set ADB to Allow in the Super user application (the name might vary depending on your rooting method)
  • If you get "tar: can't remove old file ***: read-only file system" then ensure to run the remount command above properly
  • If you get "sh: applet not found" then install Busybox Installer (Jrummy) instead of Busybox (Stericson) you can search it on playstore or just google it.
Happy backing up. if you have issue let know in the comment below of follow our facebook page @

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