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Howto bypass Factory Reset Protection on Gionee Phones

Howto bypass Factory Reset Protection on Gionee Phones

The Factory reset Protection (frp) is a new feature that was included as a Patched in the Android version 5.1. This is first security measure that was put in place by Google Inc, so as to protect personal data and also discourage frequent thief of mobile devices.
The frp security is just like the iCloud for IOS devices which ask user to enter their email account and password in order to gain access of the device
That being said, you as the owner of the device should also have the option and control to turn these features on and off as you choose. For example, unlocked bootloaders, carrier unlock, factory reset protection, and Write Protect to name just a few.

Feature of the frp lock

  1. Device will not boot to lock screen without the correct password after reset
  2. Using this feature with android device manager, you can remotely locate and wipe the data on your device
  3. In case of lost or stolen or even wipe. only the someone with the Google account can use the phone

Cons of Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

  1. Device protection is automatically turned on when the user add a Google account and setup a lock screen password
  2. when factory reset protection is turned on and you forget your devices password, then you will also not be able to reset it in the stock recovery
  3. When the device is reset you most provide the Google account information during the setup and this process require a wifi network


As usual, new phones and firmware’s always come with new security measures to make it more protected and fix patch vulnerability found  in the previous OS version
Like in almost all the new Gionee smartphones running on Android 5.1 e.g ( Gionee M3mini, Gionee M2mini, Gionee P5W, Gionee P2M, Gionee S Plus, Gionee M5, Gionee P5mini and all the others with Amigo UI running on Lollipop 5.1 version).
If you have Google account on the phone and the device was reset through volume key and power button combos because you forget your screen lock password. Then you will have to provide the Original Google account that was used in the device to gain access.
What to do when you have forget the Google account information
If you forget the Google information used in the device before the reset on the Gionee then, you most read the steps I will be providing below.
As it has always been said, that to every security system, there bugs and vulnerability to exploit.
In Gionee Smartphone the FRP can be bypass by following these simple steps provided below
  1. Power on your Gionee android phone and allow it to boot up to the lock screen or setup if you have done factory reset.
  2. As you might know, Gionee has removed the quick settings panel to the bottom and notifications remained at the top.
  3. In the lock screen or setup page, use one finger to drag up from the bottom of your screen so as to bring up the quick settings menu.
  4. You should find touch light icon, display brightness, data toggle, wifi etc.
  5. Now tap on the Settings icon. It will take you to the phone’s settings.

  1. Scroll down to Advanced, select Security and finally tap on Device Administrators.
  2. You will find Android Device Manager selected.
  3. Tap on it and select Deactivate
  4. Now go back to Backup And Reset, Tap on Backup My Data, turn it off.
  5. Go back and turn off Automatic Restore.
  6. Finally go to Factory Data Reset and Reset the phone.
Watch this video if you don't understand the steps above

Wait for the phone to boot up. It will take some time to complete.  When its done, just follow the setup process as usual and you will get back to your phone without any barrier.
These guide has been tested on Gionee P5W, P5L, F103, M5 Lite, M5 Lite CDMA, M5 Plus, S6, S Plus so if you own any of these devices follow the three stepped guide below.

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