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How to upgrade Blackberry 10 using Sachesi

How to upgrade Blackberry 10 using Sachesi

Sachesi is a third party application that allows you to extract, search for and (un)install Blackberry firmware. This application also allows you to backup, restore, wipe, reboot and nuke blackberry. None of its activities requires development mode. That is, you can sideload and uninstall applications without developer mode.

Requirement for Using Sachesi

  •  Blackberry Link is not required
  • Blackberry Auto loader firmware
  • The device must have  been activated doing the setup  
  • A good USB cable 
  • An Internet connection

How to upgrade blackberry 10 using Sachesi

Important NOTE :before starting, I recommend making a backup of the device just in case anything goes wrong.  Follow the instructions on how to make a backup of your device. Just in case any goes wrong .

This is a "how to" to upgrading your OS using Sachesi tool.  If you have been wanting to update your blackberry 10 OS but your carrier hasn't yet released the update for your device over the OTA option there are a couple of options.  You can use an autoloader that wipes all data and reloads the OS to your device fresh. 

With this method you need to restore your backup or start over fresh.  The easier method is to manually install the update files.  This method can be used if the OS has been released by another carrier.  Since the OS's are not written for specific carriers, an OS from any carrier for a given model can be used. 

 Here's how to do it. Another important of using the Sachesi is if you happan to bypass anti theft on Blackberry Z10-1 which comes with few blackberry features. You can install all those  miss app and features using the Sachesi.
Important Note: This method installs all of the updated OS files overwriting the exiting one leaving all your data and settings intact.  No more need to restore a backup file when it's done. .

 Now let get Started

1.  Download Sachesi.  This is a small size PC app that you will use to the update files and then install to the device.  Save it to a folder somewhere you can easily find (desktop usually works good.)  Your browser may automatically put it wherever your default download location is.

If the current version of Sachesi (v1.2.3) gives problems or errors in Windows, you can download the latest version (v2.0.3) HERE.

2.  Determine your BB device model by going to Settings >About >General.  Scroll down to Model number.  Make a note of the model number.  (i.e. STL100-3, STA100-4, etc.)

3.  Connect your device and double-click on Sachesi.exe.  It will open to the "Search" tab. In the search tab you will need to enter the country, carrier, device, and variant codes to get the proper download.

  If your device is connected you should also see your device model show as connected.  
4.  Once you enter the data for your device model you will see a box open up that says "Update available!"  Click the "Download All" button.  Sachesi will download all the bar files for the update and place them in a folder named ""   ( Ensure you Remember the model and/or variant you enter to get the update may not match your device exactly but if you follow the list above you'll get the right OS for your model as certain OS's are interchangeable between devices)

5.  When it's done downloading all 154 files make sure your device is plugged in with the USB cable.  On the "Search" tab screen you should see your device connected. 

6.  Once connected click the "Install" tab. (if your device requires a password enter it here.)

7.  Drag the entire OS folder labeled and drop it into the box.  The update will start immediately when you drop it so be ready. 

That's it!  The update will take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours depending on how many files are updated in the new OS.  The process can sometimes appear to stall but just let it go and don't interrupt it.  You should see a progress bar on the screen of the device, and Sachesi will show you it's progress, as well.

When it's done it will reboot.  It will take longer than normal to reboot so keep the device plugged in or you can disconnect from the computer and plug into a regular charger.  Once booted up, the device will be a bit leggy for an hour or so as everything syncs.  You may want to keep it plugged into the charger while this goes on as the syncing is battery intensive.

Credit goes to CRACKBERRY and Blackberry support forun

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