Sunday, 13 November 2016

How to disable Driver signature enforcement

How to disable Driver signature enforcement

Spreadtrum driver and some few other are not digitally signed and therefore require driver signature enforcement to be disable
I will like to follow this tutorial carefully and so as not to miss any step.This tutorial is pretty smple and easy, just sit back and relex

Let get started

  • Step 1.Restart the computer WHILE holing the Shift key( very important)

  • Step 2. The PC will restart in to a different window

  • Step 3. Click on Advance option
  • Step 4. Now click on startup setting reset
  • Step 5. The computer will a kind of restart, now click on the f7 ( disable driver signature enforcement)

  • Step 6. The computer will restart and the driver signature enforcement will be disable 
NOTE: it Very important to know that after a system restart the driver enforcement will be able again
LOOK here this only apply to window 8,8.1, and window 10

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