Friday, 18 November 2016

How to Change Tecno L3 IMEI

How to Change Tecno L3 IMEI

Hi, in this post I will be guiding you in how to successfully change the IMEI of your Tecno L3. This tutorial will make it easy for you if you have been finding it difficult to change your IMEI. Please ensure you follow this tutorial strictly and if you have any problem let me know in the comment.

There are two basic reason why many people will like to change the IMEI of their phones.

  1. To grant them access to Blackberry BIS subscription e.g Glo bis or Etisalat Bis
  2. To repair corrupted imei

Procedure to change Tecno L3 imei

  1. Your Tecno L3 must be rooted to proceed to Learn HERE
  2. Install busy box on the Tecno L3
  3. Download and extract Mtkdroid app to your PC get HERE
  4. Enable USB to debug on the Tecno L3
  5. Launch Mtkdroid tools.exe and connect your phone
  6. Wait for the Mtkdroid tools to read the phone
  7. Click on the root to get temporary permission
  8. Tab on IMEI/NVRAM to change the IMEI
  9. Change the desired sim imei and click ok
  10. Reboot and check by dial *#06#
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